Get the likes, make
it rain and cash out !

You start with 1000 likes, whenever someone likes your posts you recieve more likes,
every like is worth money, rain your money over your friends or cash it out!

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start with

when you open an account on SQ we give you 1000 likes

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Earn as many likes
as you can

build your followers and post good content, so people will give you more likes!

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Cash your
likes out

when you reach likes worth more than 100euro, you can have them cashed out!

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Make it

Or show how generous you are and Make your likes Rain on others!

What we're about!

Get the likes, make it rain and cash out !

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The New Kid On The Block in social media
world. A new social media platform from Amsterdam with a revolutionary concept.

StatsQuo is a social platform where the sharing of 'likes' the main thing. The likes on statsQuo are scarce. This means that a user can only 'like' someone else’s content if he or she has enough 'likes' in his or her possession.

The current business model of social media companies mainly consist of advertisement income. Apps show their users ads and take money for doing so. Ads are shown unwanted and unasked in between posts of so users get to see them. Some

But still we say we can do better!

Apart from the fact that we’re building a cool community with an even cooler app. What statsQuo doing is the most logical and relevant step for social media of today. It is setting a new standard for social media 2.0.

The difference we make is, when someone wants to show a user a specific promotion or message we share the income we make on it with the user. We do this by making sure the promotor gives 'likes' to the user as a compensation for seeing the message. We call this ‘Make It Rain’ as the promotor ’rains’ the ’likes’ on the users.

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In order for promotors to show their messages to statsQuo users, they need ‘likes’ to ‘Rain’. And before they can do so, they must buy them from statsQuo.

Which means that for every ‘like’ a user receives, statsQuo holds a financial compensation and therefore every ‘like’ has a price. The price of the ‘likes’ vary and depend on the income that statsQuo has at any given moment. The actual price of the ‘like’ can be found in real-time in the app at the settings screen.

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StatsQuo users do not buy likes. Whenever a user registers a statsQuo account and goes through the necessary verification process, they will automatically receive 1000 'likes' for free and sponsored by statsQuo.

The more quality content a user shares with the community and the more followers a user acquires, the more likes he or she will be able to get in return for sharing quality content.

We promise to always be able to pay out every
user whose is entitled to it. Preferably by
advertisement or sponsor money,
but if necessary by our own.

This means that if the statsQuo community grows faster than our income, at
some point we might have to limit the amount of users accepted
on statsQuo. Or we might need to change our policy in regards to the
amount of free 'likes' we provide at sign up for new users.

If you like what we’re doing, you are most welcome to join our network by downloading our iOS app. If you are on Android we will hopefully be able to provide you access to our network this year as soon as possible.

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Get the likes, make it rain and cash out !

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get the app now
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statsQuo is a social networking app that shares its income with the user community in a fun way distributed via the likes.

You get likes if other users give you likes because they like your posts. You can also get likes if you receive and open Rains from other users. Get likes from more people by building your followers

You like something by pressing the small cloud icon with the heart in it. You can choose to give 1 or 5 or 10 likes for the post. The likes you give away will be deducted from your like balance.


In the app you can find your like balance at your profile

You can post photos, text, youtube links, and videos

At the screen of each post you will find an option button. If you press this button, you will see a report function. Press it to report the post and to choose whether you would like to remove the post from the timeline.

Your profile information can be found on the tab at the settings screen.

Just press on your the round icon on top of your profile page.

Change your cover photo by pressing the grey background around your profile photo

Make It Rain is giving away your likes to many people in exchange for them getting a message requesting their attention to view your post. To Make It Rain costs you 1 like per person that you would like to reach.

No. You can choose to just post your content, this way it will appear in the timeline of your followers. Making it Rain is optional, if you Rain a post you can have it seen by many more other people.

You can choose to Rain on your followers, the people that follow you, people from your or any other city. Or you can rain to everyone that has a specific hashtag in their profile at the moment in time.

You can choose the duration of your Rain while setting up your Rain. You can choose between a few options and the time you select will be the amount of time that users have to react to and open your Rain in order to gain likes from it.

When signing up for a statsQuo account, you are asked to choose a PIN code or a Rain code. This is a 4 digit number that will prevent other people from raining your likes away if they get hold of your phone. Just like the screen lock.

You can connect your Facebook account to statsQuo, this will only mean that the content you post on statsQuo will be pushed to your Facebook account.


statsQuo shares 90% of its advertisement income with its users and is doing this by having the advertisers buy likes to make it Rain on the community.

Sponsors can donate any amount of money to statsQuo of which 90% will be added to the value of the like. Users will get a notification if this has happened.

statsQuo charges advertisers a 10% commission whenever advertisers buy likes in order for them to be able to Make It Rain on the community.

Whenever you have collected likes worth 100 euro's a cash-out button will appear at the settings screen. Press here to go through the cash-out and verification process. After approval, the money will be transferred into your bank or paypal account.

Please send an in App message at the support function, where you ask for your account to be deleted. Please add your email address to the message. You will receive a confirmation mail to confirm.


Send us an in app message at the support feature at the settings screen. Please don't forget to mention your email address in order for us to reply to your question.

For general inquiries please email